Today’s Bathroom Design Trends

Considering the type of activity we usually perform in our bathrooms, it’s no wonder we want to keep them looking and feeling as nice as possible. While the general purpose of the bathroom and the items used have not changed much, style trends certainly have. Here are some bathroom design trends to give you some ideas for your next bathroom reno project.

Re-thinking tile

You can add some texture and character to a normally sterile bathroom look by installing dimensional tile. These tiles look almost 3d, but can be placed in most spots in the bathroom. They can be used for an accent wall, or to add some style to the floor (depending on how 3d they are). They are very durable, so they will be able to withstand the wear and tear if installed behind the vanity or toilet. You can even use a small amount of tiles to catch the eye, or as an accent around a mirror or the toilet. Either way, you cannot go wrong.

A modern look for your vanity

Your vanity no longer has to obey the laws of gravity. A floating vanity can give a bathroom the feeling of having more space, no matter how small the room. They can also be installed at any height, so if you find leaning over a sink to be uncomfortable, you can now have a vanity that’s perfect for you. The space underneath the vanity can be used for slippers, scale, towels or other accessories as well.

Storage for this century

Bathroom storage options have not changed much over the past few decades, but that’s no longer the case. Having smarter storage is a must for a room in which we do so many things. You can have custom made drawers or pull outs installed for those difficult to store appliances like hair dryers. You can also use dividers for any number of bathroom essentials, from makeup to toothpaste, which can make it easy to locate just what you want without having to rifle through drawers. With the rise in handheld devices, strategically placed outlets for charging are all the rage as well.

Bathrooms do not have to be the clinical and cold spaces that they often have been in the past. Make your bathroom a source of pride in your home with some hot design ideas.

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