Preparing For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, planning and preparation are two of the most important steps to the process. Sure, there will be a lot of work that comes after, but if you do not properly plan and prepare, then all that work might end up being wasted. Here are some things you should do before you start that bathroom project.


You need to make sure you can afford the project you want to complete. It would be terrible to get through half the work before realizing there’s no money left to go further. Once you have a budget in mind, then you can make the decisions about what exactly you are going to do with the project.

Budget Your Time

Not only should you be budgeting the cost, but you should also be budgeting the time. Your timeline should include having to wait for any ordered materials to arrive or how long you may need to wait for something to dry or set during the project.

Plan Each Step

Every aspect of the renovation should be placed in a timeline so you can map out the order of jobs ahead of time. Many contractors will tell you that a good rule of thumb is to work your way down from the top. A good plan for the order of jobs will help prevent causing damage to new installations or finishes.

Measure (& Then Measure Again)

There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and realizing that the expensive new fixture you purchased will not fit into the space. Measure as closely as you can, and then measure it again to make sure. You certainly do not want a costly measuring mistake.

Choose Your Elements

Once you know how much money you can spend and how much space you have, you can then start to select the pieces and colors that you are going to feature in the room. This may be the most fun part of the project. If there’s a certain piece that really excites you, like a certain type of tub or shower, then the rest of the elements can build off that style.

After you have adequately prepared, the fun of putting in the work begins. The better you have done the groundwork, the less likely it will be that you end up with a frustrating and costly mistake.

If you have a bathroom remodel project you would like completed, it is always a good idea to delegate the job to an experienced professional. Crystal Kitchen + Bath is a Minnesota-based home renovation company responsible for some of the most beautiful bath remodel projects in the Midwest. To learn how we can help you, contact us online or by calling 763-544-5950.

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