Tips For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

In many homes, the secondary, or smaller bathrooms, often get short shrift. The space is so small, often just enough room for a toilet and sink, and perhaps a stand-up shower, that there is not much to do with it, other than hang a towel hook and a medicine cabinet. It does not have to be that way, however. You can create the feeling of open space, even in a tiny one. Here are some tips for remodeling your small bathroom.

Tile it

The advantage to a small bathroom is that it does not have to cost much to install beautiful tiling, whether it be on the floor or in the shower. You can create a sense of openness by using complementary colors. Also, tiling on the walls can really provide a dynamic and appealing look to any space.

Fake it

Even if you do not have space in your bathroom, you can always create the illusion that you do. First off, remove the bathtub if there is one, and replace it with a low-threshold shower. The low threshold design will give the appearance of long lines and therefor more space. Plus, clear glass shower doors make rooms like bigger by making the shower seem like part of the room.

Do not waste it

Perhaps the most important concept to remember when working with a small bathroom is that no space can be wasted. Every inch of the bathroom should be planned out, without giving the feeling of it being overcrowded. Your vanity and other storage options are crucial. While it’s ideal to have storage under your sink to maximize the space, sometimes that’s not possible if you have a pedestal sink. That means you’ll have to be even better at planning your other storage options. You should prioritize the items you use on a regular basis to make sure there is an appropriate spot for everything. This will prevent cluttering up your space by having things left out. This may involve custom cabinets or strategically placed shelving to make everything work.

Having a small bathroom does not mean you cannot think big with your design. Try out some of these ideas for your next small bathroom renovation.

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