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4 Small Bathroom Remodeling Decisions That Make a Big Impact on Luxury

We often overlook how much time we spend in the bathroom and how that effect the beginning and ending of our day. Much of our morning and evenings are spent getting ready and setting the mood for work the work day in addition to ending the day and preparing for a good night’s sleep. So why wouldn’t you want a beautiful place to meet those needs? And who needs to make appointments at a spa when you can have the same experience in your own home? Here are four remodeling decisions that will make your bathroom more luxurious.

Heated Floors

The best way to boost the enjoyment of your bathroom is by installing the luxury of in-floor heating. What a great, and energy efficient way to combat the brisk feeling of cold feet when you enter and exit the shower, especially if you live in a cold climate like Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are also cost efficient and energy saving, as they utilize radiant heating to maintain warmth without the added outlandish electricity costs.

Lit Mirrors

Did you ever wonder why movie stars have mirrors with bulbs lit around the perimeter? It’s because this is the best way to light a face when you are doing makeup or shaving without shadows. These days, you can get the function of these “movie star” mirrors but in an ultra sleek and modern look all the while being extremely convenient. Improve your morning routine by giving your bathroom more illumination.

Enhanced Shower Experience

These days the majority of people use their showers more often than a bath. In fact, studies show that 66% of people shower every day. What better way to transform your day then turning your shower into a daily spa. Add an aromatherapy diffused shower head for relaxation, or buy a plug-in diffuser. The essential oils will make your bathroom smell great, but they will also keep you calm and relaxed, just like being at a spa. Installing a bench in your shower will allow for maximum comfort, giving you a sauna-like experience. An LED light therapy installation is also an easy way to add a bit of lighting above your shower in addition to positively boosting your mood.

Organizational Accessories

In addition to consistent cleaning, keeping your space more organized will always make it feel more luxurious. Add some organizers to your drawers to ensure the products inside are always properly kept tidy, and installing a curling iron or hair dryer holder will also give you adequate storage for both items, all the while making them much more accessible. These changes will make getting ready a breeze, and you’ll start looking forward to it!

By making these small bathroom remodeling decisions, you can make a significant impact on the overall luxury of your bathroom. These changes are also substantial for aging in place, meaning they will be beneficial in the long-run.

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