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6 Steps For an Eye Catching Powder Room

6 Steps for an eye catching powder room

The powder room is a space in your home used primarily by your guests. With that being said, make it something memorable and eye catching! Being that it is a small space that will have minimal activity it gives the opportunity to do something that may be out of your typical design comfort zone and do something more fun. Here are some steps to make a one of a kind powder room.

Step 1: Bold colors & Dramatic Wallcoverings

We all see a lot striking wallcovering that we love but our immediate reaction is that it’s too much or too busy. This makes it perfect for a powder room! It will be seen mostly by guests and minimally by you. Select a bold paint color or a wallcovering that excites you and that will have your guests asking “where did you get that?” or “what is that awesome color?”




Step 2:  Select an Extravagant Light Fixture

Since the powder room is such a small space with little opportunities to impress with design features, fun and attractive lighting is important. Pendants and wall sconces come in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors and finishes, the options are endless!



Step 3: Use beautiful Plumbing Fixtures and Hardware

Think of hardware and plumbing fixtures as the jewelry of the space. By selecting unique fixtures and hardware you will have the ability to give the space an extra pop that might be missing.

Step 4: Pocket Doors are Key

The powder room is likely to be the smallest room in your home. It is important to not waste any extra space with a swinging door! By using a pocket door, you will save space and have easier access to the space.

Step 5: Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are awesome to look at but may not be the most practical in a heavy use bathroom. Adding a vessel sink is one more step that will add to the overall wow factor! Just like the pendants, vessel sinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors and finishes.


Step 6: Use a Powerful Powder Mirror

Keep in mind that the powder room is called the powder room because it is used for a space to powder your nose. As your guests first enter they may want to freshen up by checking their hair or make up. Adding a powerful and unique mirror is very important. By using a large scale mirror, the space can be made to look and feel larger. Don’t be afraid to use a funky decorative mirror.

Don’t be afraid to have fun in this space and to step out of your typical design comfort zone when selecting fixtures and finishes. Follow those 6 steps and you’ll have all your guests leaving saying “wow, I want a bath like that!”





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