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A Homeowner’s Guide to Transitional Kitchens

Over the past few years, transitional kitchens have become a trendy design choice. While a lot of people know the term, not as many know what it means. Transitional designs incorporate aspects of both modern and traditional kitchen styles. By borrowing a little from both, transitional kitchens can have the comfortable feeling of an old-time kitchen combined with modern components.

Transitional kitchens have become all the rage because they can appeal to everyone. They can go against trends, they can provide that welcoming environment, and they can offer some sophistication. There can be a little something for every taste. Here are some design options that are popular in transitional kitchens.

Mixing and Matching Materials

This might be the most common and most indicative aspect of the style. Just about every transitional kitchen will have a mixture of materials to create a cohesive design. There can be wood, glass, stone, steel, and any other material. This mixing and matching of materials helps set the tone for the fusion of styles.

Neutral Colors

For the most part, transitional kitchens use a neutral palette. This allows for a timeless look that will stay relevant for years to come. There is always a place for a splash of color to add some visual pop to a space, however.


What transitional kitchens may lack when it comes to bold colors, they more than make up for with bold texture choices. Polished and rough finishes, tile, and any other textures are used in exciting ways to add variety and appeal to the room.

Streamlined Cabinets

Cabinetry in streamlined kitchens tend to be more subtle. They do not use carvings or some of that exciting texture. However, they are most often wood to keep them from feeling too modern. They incorporate clean lines, which give a minimalist look that is visually appealing.

Combining Old and New

Transitional Design is all about melding old and new. It takes concepts and styles from years ago and blends them with recent trends to create something new and exciting. The best part is being able to play with those styles to make your transitional kitchen reflect your own style and personality.

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