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Remodeling to Make Use of Your Attic Space

Attics are often portrayed as dark and dreary places filled with cobwebs that hold old family heirlooms. It does not have to be like that in your home, however. There are plenty of ways that you can turn your attic into not just a useable space, but a great one for your family. Below are some ideas.

A Bedroom

As families grow, bedrooms become prime real estate. After a while, it may get less and less feasible for kids to continue sharing rooms. An attic room provides a little extra privacy, since it is up an extra flight of stairs, so it might be perfect for a teenager who needs their alone time. If it is larger, it may be a perfect space for a new master bedroom as well, leaving the old master bedroom for someone else to move into.

A Playroom

We all want a place for our kids to play in the house, but we may not want them playing where we will constantly hear them or see the mess. An attic playroom provides a perfect place that’s out of the way and may muffle some of the sound. The kids might appreciate being able to be imaginative and creative without the outside hustle and bustle of the house intruding.

An Entertainment Room

Sometimes there just is not enough entertaining space for everyone in the family. If you are finding that your kids want to play video games while you want to watch your favorite show, then maybe another entertainment room is just what you need. Either the space can be for the kids to kick back away from the prying eyes of the grown ups, or you can have that be the adult entertaining room, which is secluded from the noise and action of the younger family members.

An Office

So many people are telecommuting and working from home, so having a space in the house that is more private to get work done would be ideal. As long as there are the appropriate outlets, you can set up a nice secluded office to give the feeling of heading off to work, when you really remain in your home.

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