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Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2018

A bathroom remodel is a way to spruce up your home and feel good about a space. Sometimes it is about modernizing your bathroom, and other times you might just be looking to change a few things. Whatever your reason, you should know that trends change on a regular basis. To keep your bathroom modern, here are some bathroom renovation trends for 2018.


Surprisingly, granite, which was once the favorite, is no longer the trendy material. Quartz has taken over as the choice for not just your countertops, but for your floors and vanities as well. People like the cleaner look it provides. It is also kinder to the environment, but

costs a little more than granite. Quartz is also more durable. Not only is the surface strong, but it is also non-porous, meaning liquids cannot seep into the material. Brushed Brass is also making a return. It gives off an inviting and warm vibe. The retro feel of brass combined with modern-style cabinets provide amazing visual appeal.


Texture is now the name of the game for bathroom tiles. Plus, there is a movement to having bolder colors and patterns to give bathroom floors a real pop. Rectangular white tiles are completely out, so avoid them at all costs.


Blues, blues and more blues seem to be the trend of the time. It does not matter what shade you go with, blue is in style in a big way. It can be used as the major color, or even to add a bit of pop. Blue is the ultimate classic color that will still help make your bathroom look modern and appealing.


All white will immediately make your bathroom look out of date. Instead, whites and bright colors are trending at the moment. The trend now is towards mixing and matching those bold shades and colors to add more pizzazz.

Some other trends that are making their way into designs are larger bathrooms and functionality, since we spend so much time in their. This means having benches, grab bars and other useful accessories throughout the room to make it more spa-like in its appearance and feel.

Follow these trends, but insert a bit of your own personality, to get the bathroom of your dreams.

If you’re in need of a contemporary bathroom in 2018, the remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath can help. Contact us online or by phone.

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