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Blending Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Finishes

Design does not have to adhere to a specific pattern. It can be personalized to match your tastes. One strategy to change things up in your home’s kitchen is to blend finishes and/or cabinet door designs. Here you will find our recommendations on how you can achieve this look and help your design look impeccable.

The location of your mixed cabinet finishes and door styles is critical. The most widely employed options include blending your upper and lower cabinets or modifying the wall and island cabinets.

If you choose to blend your upper and lower cabinets, remember that your uppers ought to be the lighter of the finishes. If you use a darker finish on the uppers, they will not have an “equalized” look with your lower cabinets.


Specific arrangements look more suitable than others when blending wood finishes in a kitchen. You can blend stained and painted finishes. A common option is matching white painted cabinets with a dark stained cabinet.

You can also match two painted finishes with one another. The white painted finish is a sound option as your primary color when using a darker painted finish on your lower cabinets or island.

Mixing Cabinet Door Styles

While deciding on finishes for your cabinets, you can also mix up the door style. The trick to achieving this combination is to choose corresponding door styles. If you desire a more contemporary or intermediate look, keep both door styles modest. One could feature a little more detail than the other. If you want a conventional look, choose two door styles that have decorative moldings and details.

Do You Need Help?

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