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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Everyone loves having a clean, organized, and fantastic looking bathroom. That is why having a mirror cabinet is so essential. It serves more than one purpose. It can add some lightness, and some aesthetic appeal if the right cabinet is chosen. Getting the right mirror cabinet is vital when designing your dream bathroom, so here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.


One of the first things you need to do is figure out how much space you are going to need for storage. Some people have lots of things, from toothbrushes to prescription medicine, while others use it for only certain essentials. This might mean taking into consideration how big the bathroom is. You do not want to end up filling too much space with the cabinet.

Mirror Size

How much mirror do you need? Do you want one that covers much of the width of the wall, or will a smaller one for checking hair and makeup suffice? You might want to test out mirrors at a retail store to see what works for you. You can get measurements there in case you decide to order online.


You should always consider lighting when installing a mirror. If your lighting source is in the wrong place, or it does not hit the mirror properly, then you will get shadows and find it difficult to see what you are doing. Some mirror cabinets come with lighting integrated into the design, which will guarantee proper light. If you are not planning on replacing or changing any of the light fixtures on your bathroom, then you will want to make sure to get a mirror that will be lit properly by what you have.


Of course, the budget is a major factor in any home renovation decision. You should try to find a mirror cabinet that is within your budget, but meets all of your needs. There are many types available, so the chances are good you will find something within your price range.

Do not think that choosing the right bathroom mirror cabinet is something to take lightly. Take everything into consideration and make the perfect choice.

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