kitchen backsplash remodel

Choosing a Backsplash That Will Harmonize With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Backsplashes offer a classy and useful addition to any kitchen or bathroom and bring with them a finished, complete look.

There are three primary factors to think about when selecting your kitchen backsplash:


For some homeowners, the kitchen backsplash offers a chance to produce a splash of color in a neutral room. However, many modern homeowners keep the backsplash neutral, giving the room a pure and harmonious appearance. By keeping your backsplash neutral, it will remain elegant for years (as this trend will most likely last for decades). If you are having trouble choosing a color, consider blending both neutral and strong colors.


The material you choose – whether it is stone, tile, glass, or metal – for your backsplash will distinguish the design of your kitchen. The material you select for your backsplash is as crucial as its color. If you choose the popular option of tile, you will have to determine which tile type will complement in your general design. This choice should not only be based on your personal taste; it should be based on the overall style you wish to accomplish in your space.


Following the cabinets, countertops are typically the next most importance choice to make when designing a kitchen. Your backsplash should add to the appeal and not rival the countertops. If a lot of natural patterns and waves are featured in your countertop, your backsplash should be calm. If you own a fairly neutral countertop that does not feature much “movement”, blend it with your backsplash and allow that to be the focal point in your kitchen.

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