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Finding The Perfect Twin Cities Contractor for Your Remodeling Project: Ask These 5 Questions

You may not know anything about home improvement, but that does not mean you can’t be a knowledgeable customer when it comes to hiring a contractor. It’s important to have a good and trusting relationship, and the only way to have that is by asking questions. That way, you can get the information you need, as well as gauge the responses for how reliable your contractor might be. Here are some good questions to ask.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

While the number of years may not indicate that one contractor is better than another, it is still a good thing to know. Contractors that have been in business for a long time have seen it all, and handled many different situations. They also are less likely to be fraudsters if they have set up shop in the same area for many years. You can also ask for their license number, and check their listing with the Better Business Bureau.

Will You File the Permit Paperwork?

If a contractor refuses to file the permit paperwork, then that is a sign you should move on. There is no reason not to have proper permits unless you are cutting corners.

What Kind of Timelines Are We Looking At?

They should be able to give you a clear timeline that includes any factors that might change the timeline. If they are being vague, then it is not a good sign. You can also ask for a schedule for payments so that you are all on the same page.

How Can I Reach You?

In order to communicate well, you have to be able to get in touch with them. That means having a specific point of contact, and a recognized accepted way to contact them. You can also ask what to expect in terms of how long it will take for a response. All of this information should be provided up front.

What Type of Projects Do You Work On?

Finding a local contractor that has worked on projects in your area (so they know the codes and regulations) and with a similar scope to what you have in mind is important. If you are looking for someone to design your space and install be sure they have done similar jobs in the past, ask to see their portfolio and be sure you like their work.

Choosing the right contractor and having a good relationship is important for any home improvement project. Ask these questions so that you are sure to find the perfect contractor match for your project.

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