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How Heated Floors Provide Therapeutic Benefits

One of life’s great agonies might be putting your feet down first thing in the morning onto an icy cold floor. It’ enough to make you want to pull them right back into bed and under those warm, soft covers. If this sounds to you like the worst possible way to wake up, then maybe heated floors are just what you need. Not only do they provide a warm landing spot for your feet, but they can also provide therapeutic benefits as well.

What are Heated Floors & What are Their Benefits?

Keep in mind that in a room featuring heated flooring, the heat is supplemental. To properly manage the environment of your living space, you would still need to add heat and air conditioning in the room.

Heated floors are kept warm by mats installed beneath your floor that are electrically heated. Since heat rises, these mats heat the floor, which then heats up the entire room evenly. They can be installed under any type of floor, even carpet. One of the best things about heated floors is they do not require ductwork and vents to heat up the home.


Comfort is one of the main therapeutic benefits of heated floors. The temperature is constant, and you will not experience the changes in temperature that come with traditional home heating methods. Your feet and your home can be comfortable at all times.

Better Air Quality

Air quality is one of those unnoticed things that can affect your daily life. With a traditional forced air system, the air quality can be harmed because of dust and bacteria that gets spread around the house through the vents. Heated floors do not involve vents, so toxins are not constantly being spread around your home. Your lungs will thank you.


Sometimes, the best thing to have in your home is silence. With traditional heating, if there’s complete silence for an extended period, then there may be something wrong. Also, if there’s a strange noise coming from the system, then there may also be something wrong. Heated floors keep you warm in complete silence. You will sleep better and enjoy the comfort of your home even more when you are looking to wind down.

As you can see, heated floors provide several therapeutic benefits that will improve your health and quality of life. Choosing heated flooring will make your home the relaxing and comfortable place you need it to be.

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