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How to Improve The Layout of Your Midcentury Modern Kitchen

The kitchens in midcentury homes can be very difficult to remodel. At the time, kitchens were often made to maximize functionality in tight spaces. That makes creating a larger dream kitchen very challenging and potentially expensive since you may have to create enough space from other rooms or through an addition. There are, however, ways you can update your midcentury kitchen to make it more beautiful but without sacrificing functionality and keeping the efficiency layout.

You should always remember that just because the layout and design of your kitchen might seem dated, you do not have to get rid of everything. Most of the kitchens were built in a galley style, which usually means two parallel counters. Usually there was some kind of connection from the kitchen to the dining area and even the living room. There is no harm in incorporating the features of the kitchen and giving them an updated flavor. Here are some ways you can do that.

Work With the Galley

Nowadays, many homeowners are moving to larger kitchens instead of keeping the compact space of the original. If your budget does not allow for expansion, then there is a lot you can still do while embracing that vintage layout. The galley kitchen does have the advantage of being efficient, so you can make use of that. If you are not going to spend on expansion, then splurge on some high-end appliances and equipment. You can use durable and high-quality materials for your fixtures and new cabinets as well. New countertops and cabinets will make your kitchen look like a whole different room.

Update Your Materials

The craftsmanship that went into those kitchens was excellent, and the homes were built to last. You can update the finishes in your kitchen without disturbing those sturdy bones. Quartz countertops will make your counters as tough as the frame. You can choose bolder colors like teal to create a more modern and funky vibe while maintaining some of that midcentury charm. Play with the modern touches in conjunction with some of the older finishes to create a look and feel that is all your own.

Floating Kitchen

Many of those midcentury kitchens were made in what is known as a floating kitchen style. That means that the kitchen is connected to the exterior walls of the building. This can make the space seem larger even though it is still compact. For a modern remodel, you can float some cabinets above the counter. This can help tie the kitchen with the room next to it. It’s a great way to honor the original design while still giving a modern twist. If the counter is truly floating and does not touch any walls, then it creates a more open space that flows nicely.

Smart Storage

One of the problems with a compact kitchen is having enough storage space for all of your utensils, small appliances, pots, and pans. There are still ways to make everything fit by being creative. For instance, there are often unused corners that can be repurposed into storage areas. Diagonal drawers and dividers that are custom made for your space can help you make use of every space possible. You can also hide storage spaces behind wall panels. Also, if you’re looking to store a lot of your home good without getting standard 24 inch, cabinets, cabinets that are 15 inches deep can give you exactly what you need with a more subtle appearance.

Embrace Nature

Add some elements that will complement the nature that is outside the home. Counter-to-ceiling windows can help bring that nature inside, which in turn makes the space seem more expansive. White countertops and cabinets will attract the natural light, and even reflect the colors from outside to give your kitchen a nice “patio” feel to it. Those colors will become a part of your interior design while still being outside with the bugs, dirt, and other things you would not want in your kitchen.

Just because you have a midcentury home with a compact kitchen, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice functionality or beauty in your pursuit of a dream kitchen.

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