white kitchen remodel

Incorporating White Into Your Kitchen + Bathroom

White is a very popular achromatic color option in kitchen and bathroom design. It is possibly the most fashionable choice for nearly every room in your house. White has a particular attractiveness to it, blending flawlessly with neutrals or bold visuals.

How can you incorporate white into your kitchen and/or bathroom?


Even if you select darkened cabinets, a white tile will not be absent from your kitchen / bath if you are careful. A modest white tile can have a strong influence when placed in a herringbone pattern. When employing white, the right blend of pattern and texture will make it look astonishing.


The most common way you view white in a kitchen or bath is through cabinets. White cabinets produce the ideal environment for the addition of color splashes or patterns. These cabinets can also be combined with other neutrals to form a tranquil setting. White has the capability of working with nearly any design it is matched with.

Additional Elements

You can effortlessly reach the stylish look white conveys by bringing accessories and enhancing accents into your rooms. In the kitchen, swapping your incompatible tableware and trading it with all white accessories is a fail-safe way to produce elegance in the kitchen. Much like your space’s appearance improves with white accents, food is much more appealing when served on a spotless white plate.

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