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How a Kitchen Island Can Improve Your Space

There may not be a homeowner in the world who does not wish they had more space in their kitchen. Whether they are lacking room in their cabinets, or space on their counter for food prep, there always seems to be a need for more. There may be a simple solution to a kitchen space problem, however. A custom kitchen island can give you the space and functionality you need, while also adding a splash of style to your kitchen.

All kitchens are different. They are different sizes and shapes, and have different styles and vibes to them. A custom kitchen island can be formatted to fit the decor and size of your kitchen, no matter what. Working with a professional designer means you can have that counter space, cabinet space, and even an extra sink or other components to make your kitchen complete.

Appliances and Counter Space

Extra counter and appliance storage space might be the most common reasons that someone is looking for a new island. It is a great way to provide that extra prep space, and also have a spot for those heavy mixers and other larger appliances that might not fit in the current cabinets. Islands also allow for easier access, so you may not have to move everything around or contort yourself to get at that mixer. There are also installable tools like appliance lifts and special shelves that make it easy to take things out and put them away.

Complement Your Workspace

When considering where to put your island, it is a good idea to make note of where everything is already placed in your kitchen. Generally, it is good kitchen practice to place the things you use most, such as your oven, refrigerator, and sink, close together so you can access them all quickly and without interrupting kitchen traffic. With bigger kitchens, this can be difficult. Placing an island in the middle of a larger kitchen will make that the central prep space, and make for easier access to everything else. This can make your space more user-friendly and allow you to enjoy your kitchen even more.

Big Islands

The current trend for kitchen islands is to go bigger. Some are even installing islands up to 11 feet. The bigger they are, the more storage and features they can hold. That means along with that workspace and appliance storage, there can be a spot for stools, for instance. You can have everyone sitting together while the meal is being prepared. It is important not to go too big, however. A cramped kitchen can be a major source of frustration and inconvenience. You do not want to be squeezing past people, or having trouble opening drawers in confined spaces. It can also be a safety hazard to have people wedged close together when using knives and other sharp instruments.

Play With Different Styles

For the most part, your custom kitchen island will probably complement the overall decor of your kitchen. If you have a rustic style kitchen, then your island will have earthy colors and vintage textures and fixtures, for instance. That said there is no reason you cannot do some mixing and matching with your designs. If your kitchen is one of the geometric and blocky ones that were popular in the middle of last century, then you can add some features to make your island stand out. Floating shelves, contrasting colors, and visually appealing textures can all add a modern touch to a traditional decor. A designer can help you best mix and match and play with features until you have the perfect island for your kitchen.

A custom designed kitchen island is the perfect way to add functionality and style to any kitchen. Keep some of these in mind when you are thinking about how to complete your dream kitchen.

If you’re in need of a revitalized space for your home, Crystal Kitchen + Bath has both a great selection and the professional know-how to create your dream home. Contact us online or call 763-544-5950.


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