The Power of Color Taking Shape

Home Renovation Contractors MinneapolisWritten By: Chelsey Preuss, Designer at CK+B
So, what’s in right now? That seems to be the question of the day, every day, for me as both a millennial and a designer. It’s a question that I enjoy being asked because I am ecstatic for what is currently trending in the design world and beginning to make its mark here in the Midwest. While that may still be white, people are over all white rooms. I feel this applies to especially those in the snowy states. White is beginning to be paired with natural, rich wood tones as well as vibrant colors and neutrals.

Midcentury and Scandinavian styles are dramatically continuing to influence design across the country. Here’s what we are seeing:

1. Geometric shapes and bold colors add dimension to a space. Wall art, décor and tile are all incorporating geometric shapes, especially the hexagon. Bold colors are refreshing after neutrals dominated for so long. Typically they are used in accent pieces.
2. Clean, simplistic lines make for a minimalistic approach to design. What’s not to love? They make spaces easy to clean and maintain all while making them look bigger!
3. Gold, bronze and black finishes are becoming extremely popular in both kitchens and bathrooms.
While this is one style trend emerging, there are more that are equally as exciting! We can’t wait to share them with you and inspire you to dream about your next project.

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