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The Primary Characteristics of Bath & Kitchen Cabinets

There is a lot more that goes into a cabinet than meets the eye. It is therefore important to consider the construction, components, and finishing of your bathroom or kitchen cabinets before you make a purchase.

Cabinet characteristics



It is essential that you pick a drawer capable of withstanding the weight of the items you will place in the cabinet, as well as its frequent opening and closing. The most ideal drawers are made using dovetail joints, which are constructed from interlocking channels built from wedge-shaped cuts located on the ends of the drawer box’s sides. These wedge-shaped cuts are known as pins and tails. They are quite durable and resistant to force after they have been assembled. Dovetail drawers are not only known for their quality; they have a decorative and attractive appearance.


Many homeowners prefer overlay doors because they provide a seamless appearance which leaves a very small portion of the cabinet frame exposed. When it comes to other cabinet components such as drawer glides and hinges, it is important that you understand exactly what you are getting before making a purchase. The right drawer glides can mean the difference between a sagging or tilting cabinet drawer.


Before you purchase any new cabinets, it is important that you take a detailed look at their finishing. Imagine selecting a cabinet and just after a few months of minimal use, you find the finish damaged or chipped. Careful selection will help you avoid this problem.

Other Considerations

Behind the drawers and doors, the most essential part in cabinet construction is the cabinet box itself. This is what will support the items you place in it. In today’s market, plywood is considered the gold standard in cabinet construction as it can adequately withstand wear and tear for a very long period.

The best advice given to potential cabinet buyers by home interior designers is that they do their research before settling on one item. Trying to cut corners during a remodeling or new construction project will do more harm than good for your home. Simply invest in quality cabinets.

Do You Need Assistance?

Crystal Kitchen + Bath works with Crystal Cabinets Works, an independent Minnesota-based custom cabinet fabricator. Crystal provides framed and frameless lines of cabinetry in both custom and semi-custom. Contact us to learn more.

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