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What is the Newest and Most Innovative Countertop for Your Twin Cities Home?

We are thrilled to be one of the only showrooms in Minnesota showing the new Sintered countertops by Corian.

Born of Nature, enhanced by design, Corian® Sintered is an innovative and high performance surfacing material available in a range of aesthetics.

kitchen remodel

It is created using 100% natural ingredients including feldspar, quartz, clay, and other natural minerals. These minerals are then formed under intense heat (2200 degrees F) and pressure (5000psi) to create a 100% natural non-porous material.

It’s completely inert, containing no resins or petroleum derivatives. It is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, heat, frost and is unaffected by UV rays.

Why should you use this innovative product in your home?

  • It is the most durable counter top material on the market – It delivers superior scratch resistance, stain resistance and does not promote the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew.
  • It does not need sealing or other maintenance.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comes in gloss, satin and textured finishes.
  • Corian Sintered has through body aesthetics, meaning its colors and patterns are consistent through the whole thickness of the material, not just printed on the surface.

Congratulations to designer Kaitlyn Stokes for being the first designer in the entire country to sell this beautiful countertop.

kitchen remodel

Visit out showroom to see the stunning White Arabesque Sintered in a satin finish installed in our newly updated modern kitchen. View all of its properties first hand and speak with a designer.

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