Biophilic Design: Trend of the Month

We first mentioned biophilic design in our Bathroom Trends blog post earlier this year, but what is it exactly? Biophilic design utilizes natural elements, patterns and textures to create a space that reduces stress, enhances creativity, and improves our overall well-being. As our world population continues to urbanize, biophilic design is becoming increasingly popular and necessary as it reconnects us to the natural world.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design was founded back in the early 1980’s when Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, published his hypothesis that humans have a deep-seeded, biological affection for the natural world. Since our natural habitat is now a built environment that we spend 90% of our time in, biophilic design aims to bring natural elements, both obvious and subtle, into our indoor environments to create spaces that satisfy our need to be one with nature.

Benefits of Biophilic Design

The theory of biophilia is more than just a philosophy. Biophilic design has been found to improve cognitive function and productivity, reduce stress, and aid in physical and mental well-being. A study in 2019 by the University of Denmark found that children under the age of 10 who had greater access to green spaces had 55% less risk of mental health disorders in adulthood. There have been many studies that have tied plants to productivity as well. There is a theory called the “attention restoration theory” that articulates that when we spend a lot of time intensely focused at work, we find ourselves fatigued more often. It states that spending even a few seconds taking your eyes off the screen to stare at a desk plant could help give your mind a break and therefore restore your ability to focus. Large companies like Google, Etsy and others have started implementing biophilic design into their workplaces to ensure their employees remain happy, creative and hard working.

Elements of Biophilic Design

There are many elements that enforce biophilic design, some of them direct and some of them indirect. Some direct examples are sunlight, plants, and water. These can take the form as skylights or large expansive windows to allow more natural light into your home, living walls or potted plants that are not only aesthetic, but provide greenery in your space, and water features or even the addition of a rain showerhead in your bathroom. Some indirect elements include natural materials like wood and stone, pictures of nature, and the use of natural colors and forms. Natural materials like responsibly sourced woods and recycled materials like terrazzo are becoming increasingly popular as we strive to be more sustainable and conserve nature.

Get Started

Biophilic Design will continue to increase in popularity all over the world and there are many reasons why. Integrating these natural and soothing elements throughout your home will help improve your quality of time at home. If you would like to learn more about how we can integrate Biophilic Design in your next remodel, contact us and talk with one of our talented and knowledgeable designers.

2021 Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms have always been a place to retreat and relax after a busy day, and over this past year, a lot of us have been needing such a place. As we look towards a new year, we look to what’s new in bathroom design and innovation. Some of the most popular trends we are expecting to see are homeowners changing the layout of their space, utilizing design styles that promote a clean and calm environment, and integrating newer technology that promotes healthy living and conservation.


When we look at bathroom layout, we are seeing homeowners opting to increase their bathroom spaces when possible. A large driver for this change is homeowners wanting to remove tubs to increase shower sizes as well as removing walls to connect their bathrooms to closet or dressing areas. There are still those that prefer to have a freestanding tub for soaking and relaxing as well as a large shower for everyday bathing.

bathroom remodel


We’re seeing a lot of new and exciting technology hitting the bathroom this year and in the next few years! Some of the top takeaways will be better temperature control systems for in-floor heating elements and showers, water conservation technology, motion-sensor controls for lighting and leak detection sensors that can sync to your phone. Since the bathroom is a place for relaxation, voice-activation isn’t as important here as it is in a kitchen or other living spaces so we will be seeing more touch-less, motion and bluetooth technology in bathroom designs. Bidets and smart toilets that can monitor healthy habits and feature heated seats and other technology are also gaining popularity in bathrooms.


When it comes to the design of the bathroom, we will be seeing more styles that promote a clean and calming feeling. The spa-like atmosphere is especially prevalent with more blue & green tones, incorporating wood tones, and adding elements of biophilic design to bring the outdoors in and connect with nature. We’re likely to see simpler lines and a more minimalistic approach to keep the space easy to clean and uncluttered. We are also seeing homeowners blending different styles to create their own. For instance, a modern bathroom may have organic elements but also feature a touch of Mid-Century modern as well. We’ve also seen a trend of incorporating warmer, pastel tones to promote relaxation and feel welcoming to the user.

bathroom remodel


When it comes to materials, lighter tones are still a top choice. Quartz countertops are still the most popular choice for bathrooms for their durability and ease of maintenance. When it comes to vanity materials, painted and stained finishes in a flat panel or slab door style are going to remain the most favored. We are seeing that medium tones and lighter tones are still the most used in bathroom designs and we are also expecting floating vanities to become the most popular choice. Storage is key in bathroom design so we will continue to see linen storage and medicine cabinets be a top priority for homeowners. We are seeing clients adding electrical outlets in medicine cabinets and vanities to keep electric toothbrushes and hair tools plugged in for ease of use. White, undermount sinks in a variety of materials like vitreous china, porcelain and composites are still the most popular for bathroom sinks. When it comes to faucets, matte and brushed finishes will be the most popular in black, nickel and some chrome looks. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are still going to be the most popular flooring material in the next year with more homeowners opting to add heated floors as well. When it comes to showers, we will be seeing more homeowners gravitating towards large tile, slabs or large subways tiles for shower surrounds.

bathroom remodel


When it comes to bathroom fixtures, we are seeing homeowners of all ages looking to features like bench seats and zero clearance entries in showers to the integration of grab bars throughout the bathroom that promote “Aging-in-Place” principles. As mentioned earlier, we are noticing homeowners opting for larger showers that can accommodate two people and feature multiple showerheads and even body sprays. For those interested in a tub, we are still expecting freestanding or soaking tubs to be the most popular and be featured in a solid surface, composite, resin or acrylic material. Some other items we are expecting to be popular are smart toilets that feature heated seats, bidet features and can help reduce your toilet paper dependency as well as water efficient faucets and more LED lighting features.

Get Started Today

As we move into 2021, there are a lot of things in bathroom design to get excited about. From more functional layouts and larger showers to the introduction of new technology and biophilic elements that will bring the spa into our homes. If you are interested in implementing any or all of these trends into your next project, contact us and one of our talented designers would love to make your dream a reality.

4 Small Bathroom Remodeling Decisions That Make a Big Impact on Luxury

We often overlook how much time we spend in the bathroom and how that effect the beginning and ending of our day. Much of our morning and evenings are spent getting ready and setting the mood for work the work day in addition to ending the day and preparing for a good night’s sleep. So why wouldn’t you want a beautiful place to meet those needs? And who needs to make appointments at a spa when you can have the same experience in your own home? Here are four remodeling decisions that will make your bathroom more luxurious.

Heated Floors

The best way to boost the enjoyment of your bathroom is by installing the luxury of in-floor heating. What a great, and energy efficient way to combat the brisk feeling of cold feet when you enter and exit the shower, especially if you live in a cold climate like Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are also cost efficient and energy saving, as they utilize radiant heating to maintain warmth without the added outlandish electricity costs.

Lit Mirrors

Did you ever wonder why movie stars have mirrors with bulbs lit around the perimeter? It’s because this is the best way to light a face when you are doing makeup or shaving without shadows. These days, you can get the function of these “movie star” mirrors but in an ultra sleek and modern look all the while being extremely convenient. Improve your morning routine by giving your bathroom more illumination.

Enhanced Shower Experience

These days the majority of people use their showers more often than a bath. In fact, studies show that 66% of people shower every day. What better way to transform your day then turning your shower into a daily spa. Add an aromatherapy diffused shower head for relaxation, or buy a plug-in diffuser. The essential oils will make your bathroom smell great, but they will also keep you calm and relaxed, just like being at a spa. Installing a bench in your shower will allow for maximum comfort, giving you a sauna-like experience. An LED light therapy installation is also an easy way to add a bit of lighting above your shower in addition to positively boosting your mood.

Organizational Accessories

In addition to consistent cleaning, keeping your space more organized will always make it feel more luxurious. Add some organizers to your drawers to ensure the products inside are always properly kept tidy, and installing a curling iron or hair dryer holder will also give you adequate storage for both items, all the while making them much more accessible. These changes will make getting ready a breeze, and you’ll start looking forward to it!

By making these small bathroom remodeling decisions, you can make a significant impact on the overall luxury of your bathroom. These changes are also substantial for aging in place, meaning they will be beneficial in the long-run.

Essential Tips for an Amazing Minimalist Bathroom

Thank you Marie Kondo for letting us give thanks to our things, then do away with those things that aren’t giving us joy. The idea of minimalism can help you not only reduce clutter, but also the stress that comes along with having a messy space. Often times, this is the exact reason our clients come to us for a new bathroom remodel. When we begin a bathroom design we always request that our clients take inventory of what they have, what they need and the things that can either be hidden away or ousted all together. We talk about how they want the space to feel. In return, we are able to share a few tips, tricks and design essentials that can make their new space beautiful and joyful.

minimalist bathroom


One way to combat clutter is proper organization. Having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Once your space is designed for your specific needs, it’s easy to ensure that you don’t spend time rifling through drawers because everything you use on a daily basis is at hand. To start this process, begin in your bathroom by removing all of those little items that you haven’t used in a long time and probably won’t need again. Keep only those things that you use on a regular basis. You will have more room on your countertops, in your drawers, and in your cabinetry to put things where they properly belong.


After you’ve removed everything that is non-essential, you should have open space on your countertop. Try to keep only a couple things there, if at all. Toothbrushes and hand soap are fine, but everything else should find a home in a drawer, pullout or closet. The countertop is for things that you will use at least once a day, and that’s it. Planning the proper material for your bathroom countertop is also essential, it will save time on cleaning and maintenance.


Designing your custom cabinetry to hold everything that you need in an accessible place is a must. Including accessories like metal cups to hold hot irons and pull outs for toiletries and hair accessories. These simple but essential design details will make all the difference in the morning.


Towels are a big cause of clutter in the bathroom. Try to keep only one towel per person at any time. A built in linen closet or tall cabinetry can be the perfect place to store fresh towels for guests or daily use. Perfectly placed hooks or heated towel bars are the perfect accessories to create organization (save water) and decrease clutter, that can make the space look dirty and overwhelming.

Designing your new space with a minimalist eye can help you not just reduce clutter, but the stress that comes along with having a messy space. Try some of these simple tips to keep your bathrooms looking clean and clear. If you are dreaming of a new space, our designers are experienced in, not only creating beautiful bathrooms, but also planning a space that will bring you new found joy.

Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2018

A bathroom remodel is a way to spruce up your home and feel good about a space. Sometimes it is about modernizing your bathroom, and other times you might just be looking to change a few things. Whatever your reason, you should know that trends change on a regular basis. To keep your bathroom modern, here are some bathroom renovation trends for 2018.


Surprisingly, granite, which was once the favorite, is no longer the trendy material. Quartz has taken over as the choice for not just your countertops, but for your floors and vanities as well. People like the cleaner look it provides. It is also kinder to the environment, but

costs a little more than granite. Quartz is also more durable. Not only is the surface strong, but it is also non-porous, meaning liquids cannot seep into the material. Brushed Brass is also making a return. It gives off an inviting and warm vibe. The retro feel of brass combined with modern-style cabinets provide amazing visual appeal.


Texture is now the name of the game for bathroom tiles. Plus, there is a movement to having bolder colors and patterns to give bathroom floors a real pop. Rectangular white tiles are completely out, so avoid them at all costs.


Blues, blues and more blues seem to be the trend of the time. It does not matter what shade you go with, blue is in style in a big way. It can be used as the major color, or even to add a bit of pop. Blue is the ultimate classic color that will still help make your bathroom look modern and appealing.


All white will immediately make your bathroom look out of date. Instead, whites and bright colors are trending at the moment. The trend now is towards mixing and matching those bold shades and colors to add more pizzazz.

Some other trends that are making their way into designs are larger bathrooms and functionality, since we spend so much time in their. This means having benches, grab bars and other useful accessories throughout the room to make it more spa-like in its appearance and feel.

Follow these trends, but insert a bit of your own personality, to get the bathroom of your dreams.

If you’re in need of a contemporary bathroom in 2018, the remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath can help. Contact us online or by phone.

Will New Cabinets “Refresh” My Bathroom’s Appearance?

Many people have a room or a spot in their house that causes them stress when visitors are coming over. It might be because it is messy, or it might be because it is outdated. The bathroom can be a common room of shame, especially if the style is not up to the current decade. Getting new bathroom cabinets can help re-energize your look. It can provide some style and pizzazz, and make it look cleaner and newer.


New cabinets can help your bathroom look more spacious, even if the new cabinets are bigger than they were before. This may sound counterintuitive, but clutter can make your space look smaller. Having a place to put everything in a clean and orderly fashion will get it all out of the way with more space for you to move around. Smaller storage units can be condensed into a larger cabinet, adding square feet where they used to be. Clutter can cause depression. The more things are cluttering up the space that you want to use, the more claustrophobic it can feel, which can lead to subconscious depression.


You can create a stylish and comfortable bathroom space with just a new cabinet. There are cabinet styles to match any decor. That means that you do not necessarily have to update your wallpaper or paint. A new cabinet can simplify your space with one change.


Updating the color scheme in your bathroom can open it up and refresh its look. Off white and beige shades will not only make it brighter, but cleaner and bigger. Lighter colors in any room will provide the illusion of space. If your colors are too bright and bold then you may inadvertently create a feeling of discomfort. Pale blue, on the other hand, connotes comfort and relaxation.

One of the best things about choosing new cabinets is that it is fun and exciting. The end goal should be to make being in the bathroom feel more comfortable and relaxing. No matter what your style is, there’s a cabinet to match. Do not settle for anything less than your perfect cabinet.

Are you interested in renovating your bathroom? Contact the remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath online or by calling 763-544-5950.

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Everyone loves having a clean, organized, and fantastic looking bathroom. That is why having a mirror cabinet is so essential. It serves more than one purpose. It can add some lightness, and some aesthetic appeal if the right cabinet is chosen. Getting the right mirror cabinet is vital when designing your dream bathroom, so here are a few things to keep in mind when making your choice.


One of the first things you need to do is figure out how much space you are going to need for storage. Some people have lots of things, from toothbrushes to prescription medicine, while others use it for only certain essentials. This might mean taking into consideration how big the bathroom is. You do not want to end up filling too much space with the cabinet.

Mirror Size

How much mirror do you need? Do you want one that covers much of the width of the wall, or will a smaller one for checking hair and makeup suffice? You might want to test out mirrors at a retail store to see what works for you. You can get measurements there in case you decide to order online.


You should always consider lighting when installing a mirror. If your lighting source is in the wrong place, or it does not hit the mirror properly, then you will get shadows and find it difficult to see what you are doing. Some mirror cabinets come with lighting integrated into the design, which will guarantee proper light. If you are not planning on replacing or changing any of the light fixtures on your bathroom, then you will want to make sure to get a mirror that will be lit properly by what you have.


Of course, the budget is a major factor in any home renovation decision. You should try to find a mirror cabinet that is within your budget, but meets all of your needs. There are many types available, so the chances are good you will find something within your price range.

Do not think that choosing the right bathroom mirror cabinet is something to take lightly. Take everything into consideration and make the perfect choice.

Do you have questions about your bathroom design? Contact the remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath online or by calling 763-544-5950.

What Should You Avoid Doing During a Remodel Project?

Everyone loves the finished product after a remodel, but it can certainly be stressful throughout the process. No one wants to make a mistake that will ruin the whole thing or cause it to go wildly over budget. Here are some things not to do if when you’re going through your next remodeling project.

Avoid Delays

Once you start a project, do not do anything to delay it. Make all your decisions before you start, so you know exactly what you’re going to do at all times. This means even small decisions should be made in advance.

Avoid Changing Your Mind

Once you’ve made all those decisions and gotten into the project, do not change your mind too much. Changes will add to your budget, but also a small change early on can end up affecting something down the road.

Avoid Buying Things Yourself

Sure, you might save some money doing this, but it is generally not a good idea. Your contractor can get a better price than you in most situations, and you may run the risk of buying the wrong things, which can cause delays.

Avoid Having Children and Pets Around

Contractors and their workers are very conscientious of kids and pets, and will work to keep them safe. However, it is best to keep them out of the equation altogether. An accident or injury can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is just not worth it.

Avoid Staying At Home During the Work

Find a place to stay, or rent another house as the work is being done. It will be inconvenient for you to be there, and it could cause delays if workers are waiting for you to leave for work.

Avoid Being a Distraction

Let the workers go about their business. They want to get their work finished before the end of the day, and you want the work completed as well. Talking to them while they’re working will cause delays, and also could distract them while they’re doing something dangerous.

Nobody wants a renovation project to go over budget, and they certainly do not want anyone getting hurt, or something getting damaged during the process. Hopefully with these tips your next project will go as smooth as possible.

Do you have questions about your home remodel project? Do not hesitate to reach out to our designers at Crystal Kitchen + Bath. We have served Minnesota for more than 40 years. Contact us online or by phone at 763-544-5950.

How to “Go Green” During Your Next Home Remodel Project

Everyone nowadays wants to “go green” and help keep the environment sustainable. The advice is to “think globally and act locally,” and there is nothing more local than our own homes. Here are some tips to be more eco-friendly when you remodel your home.

Water Waste

There are several ways your home can be more efficient with water. For one, a dual flush toilet will help reduce the amount of water used for flushing by having a more powerful flush and a softer flush, depending on what is in the bowl. You can also install low flow water fixtures.


Paint is a big part of any project, but it also can contain toxins that damage the environment and our health. Use a brand that is Low-VOC, meaning non-volatile and organic. It is more expensive paint, but the earth and your doctor will thank you.


There are a few flooring options that are better for the environment than others. Cork flooring is comfortable and durable, and also does not contain any toxic adhesives. It is a renewable resource as it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back to be harvested again. If you do not have to replace your floors, then you can always resurface and refinish them, which is just like having a brand new floor. Or, if you have wood underneath your current floor, you can remove the current floor in favor of the wood.


Carpet tiles are a great choice if you want the warmth and comfort of carpets but also want to be friendly to the earth. They are usually manufactured with recycled material, and offer a multitude of options. They clean well and are easily installed. If you do install carpet, then padding sometimes is not needed. That way you’ll save using materials as well as avoid the chemicals that are used to adhere the padding to the carpet and floor.

These are just a few of the many options available to make your home more green. When planning out your next home reno project, try to keep the earth in mind when you’re choosing the materials and pieces needed for your renovated home.

Crystal Kitchen + Bath has a LEED Certification through Minnesota Green Path. It is our objective to build with products and strategies that save energy, are sustainable, and result in a healthy home. Our designers will guide you through green product selections and work with you to obtain any level of certification requested. You can contact us online or by calling 763-544-5950.

How to Employ Artistic Shower Tiles in Your Bath Remodel

The shower might be the most important part of your bathroom, other than the tub, if you have one. Yes, you might spend more time in front of the mirror instead of the shower, but you clean and refresh yourself in the shower every day. It is also a large piece in your bathroom that can draw attention. One way to take advantage of that attention is to decorate your shower with artistic tiles. These tiles can give your shower a little extra pop and visual appeal.


There is literally no end to the color options for shower tile. You may want to choose your colors based on the feel or look you want your bathroom to have. Lighter colored tiles can give the space a more relaxing and soothing feel. They can also make your shower appear bigger, but they do show dirt and grime more easily, so they have to be cleaned more often. Bold, dark colors denote energy and liveliness, but they can make your shower look smaller. Whatever you choose, make sure the theme runs throughout the entire room.

Design Choices

Sure, you can have a single, solid color for your shower. However, if you want to add a little pizzazz, you can go with patterns or other design choices. Some people choose to tile a certain wall with a highlight color, so that the eye is naturally drawn to the contrast. A pattern can be anything. From zigzags, to shapes, to everything in between, your imagination is the only limit.

Tile Types

Artistic tiles come in all types. You can choose from ceramic, slate, marble, mosaic, and even glass, if you wish. With so many options, you can make sure that the look and texture are perfect for your space. Tiles can also come with designs and patterns on the tiles themselves, which offers even more style options from which to choose.

Your bathroom no longer has to be the most boring and utilitarian room in your home. Using artistic shower tiles will make the space inviting and eye catching.

If you are interested in a bathroom remodel and would like to discuss your options, reach out to Crystal Kitchen + Bath. Based in Minnesota, our award-winning team is responsible for some of the most lavish bathroom remodels in the Midwestern United States. Contact us online or call 763-544-5950.

Remodeling Options to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

When remodeling, repairing, or even building a home, it is important to design with the occupants’ needs in mind. This is especially true when it comes to senior citizens. There are certain things that can be difficult for a senior, but may seem easy to you. Here are some remodeling techniques that will help seniors be more independent and more comfortable at home.

Single-Lever Faucets

Faucets can be difficult to handle with arthritis or other muscle and joint issues. A single lever faucet can make it easier, but it must be clearly labeled for hot and cold so that anyone unfamiliar with the tape does not burn themselves.

Central Vacuum

Vacuuming itself can be difficult, and it is made even harder by having to lug the vacuum and accessories from location to location. This is not even mentioning emptying the container and keeping it maintained. A central vacuum system will make it easier to move the equipment, and the container only has to be emptied occasionally.

Extra Outlets

Having a lot of outlets available will make it much easier when it comes to holidays and other occasions that may involve plugging in extra things. With more options, it is less likely that furniture will have to be moved or that someone will have to contort themselves to plug something in.


Having an intercom system set up through the house will help with those who wish to talk to someone but may find it difficult navigating through the building. With an intercom, they can call to any room and find the person for which they are looking.

Bathrooms Near Entrances

There may be times when a senior has to rush into the house from outside to use the bathroom. For this reason, it would be handy to have bathrooms close to entrances so they will not have to navigate the house to get there.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Motion sensor faucets are great for people who have trouble with turning faucets, and may not react quickly if the water’s too hot. The water is dispensed at a pre-set temperature, so it will not be too hot, and it will turn on and off with ease.

These are just a few ideas to help seniors be more independent at home. Make sure to take into consideration any seniors when you plan your next remodeling project.

Are you interested in remodeling your home? At Crystal Kitchen + Bath, we do not cut corners. Every client receives the same superior craftsmanship and service. Experience and a focus on detail, paired with the strongest level of craftsmanship and customer service, puts us above the competition. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more.

How Heated Floors Provide Therapeutic Benefits

One of life’s great agonies might be putting your feet down first thing in the morning onto an icy cold floor. It’ enough to make you want to pull them right back into bed and under those warm, soft covers. If this sounds to you like the worst possible way to wake up, then maybe heated floors are just what you need. Not only do they provide a warm landing spot for your feet, but they can also provide therapeutic benefits as well.

What are Heated Floors & What are Their Benefits?

Keep in mind that in a room featuring heated flooring, the heat is supplemental. To properly manage the environment of your living space, you would still need to add heat and air conditioning in the room.

Heated floors are kept warm by mats installed beneath your floor that are electrically heated. Since heat rises, these mats heat the floor, which then heats up the entire room evenly. They can be installed under any type of floor, even carpet. One of the best things about heated floors is they do not require ductwork and vents to heat up the home.


Comfort is one of the main therapeutic benefits of heated floors. The temperature is constant, and you will not experience the changes in temperature that come with traditional home heating methods. Your feet and your home can be comfortable at all times.

Better Air Quality

Air quality is one of those unnoticed things that can affect your daily life. With a traditional forced air system, the air quality can be harmed because of dust and bacteria that gets spread around the house through the vents. Heated floors do not involve vents, so toxins are not constantly being spread around your home. Your lungs will thank you.


Sometimes, the best thing to have in your home is silence. With traditional heating, if there’s complete silence for an extended period, then there may be something wrong. Also, if there’s a strange noise coming from the system, then there may also be something wrong. Heated floors keep you warm in complete silence. You will sleep better and enjoy the comfort of your home even more when you are looking to wind down.

As you can see, heated floors provide several therapeutic benefits that will improve your health and quality of life. Choosing heated flooring will make your home the relaxing and comfortable place you need it to be.

If you are interested in the installation of heated floors in your home, set up a consultation with the experienced bathroom remodeling professionals at Crystal Kitchen + Bath. Contact us online or by calling 763-544-5950.

The Benefits of Installing a Steam Shower

We all love visiting a spa and having a good steam. Luckily, you can have the luxury of a steam room without having to leave your home. Steam showers are getting more and more popular all the time, and you don’t have to build a new bathroom or do too much complicated plumbing to have one installed.

How it is Installed

You can have a steam generator connected to your regular shower. It is a basin that is filled with cold water that boils and steams up the stall. The controls are in the stall itself, so you can control the temperature during your shower.

If you would like, you can buy a prefabricated unit. There are many options available for these units. They come in many shapes and sizes, and with all sorts of options, such as benches and speakers.

Health Benefits of Steaming

We all know that having a nice steam feels great. However, steaming isn’t just beneficial for how it feels. Steam has been used for healing for centuries. Steam can help with circulation, the lymph system, and giving your immune system a boost. Besides these issues, steam can help with sore muscles, cleaning out the pores, and helping with congestion.

Physical Benefits

You can get models that help with massage, as well. There are units that come with adjustable showerheads that can be moved to hit your muscles at any spot. That means you can massage any muscles with the water while getting the benefit of steam. This is a great way to relieve pain and tightness. By adding some essential oils to the basin, you can give yourself aromatherapy as well.

Budget Benefits

The health and physical benefits to having a steam shower are one thing, but there are financial benefits. Having a steam shower can be more water-efficient for one thing. Plus, having a steam shower raises the re-sale value of a home as well.

There are very few people who would not love to head to a spa at the end of every day to relax and have a steam. Now, anyone can de-stress and heal themselves in the comfort of their own home with a steam shower.

Incorporating White Into Your Kitchen + Bathroom

White is a very popular achromatic color option in kitchen and bathroom design. It is possibly the most fashionable choice for nearly every room in your house. White has a particular attractiveness to it, blending flawlessly with neutrals or bold visuals.

How can you incorporate white into your kitchen and/or bathroom?


Even if you select darkened cabinets, a white tile will not be absent from your kitchen / bath if you are careful. A modest white tile can have a strong influence when placed in a herringbone pattern. When employing white, the right blend of pattern and texture will make it look astonishing.


The most common way you view white in a kitchen or bath is through cabinets. White cabinets produce the ideal environment for the addition of color splashes or patterns. These cabinets can also be combined with other neutrals to form a tranquil setting. White has the capability of working with nearly any design it is matched with.

Additional Elements

You can effortlessly reach the stylish look white conveys by bringing accessories and enhancing accents into your rooms. In the kitchen, swapping your incompatible tableware and trading it with all white accessories is a fail-safe way to produce elegance in the kitchen. Much like your space’s appearance improves with white accents, food is much more appealing when served on a spotless white plate.

How To Avoid The Biggest Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Mistakes

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– The importance of the kitchen triangle
– How cabinet accessories can maximize your storage
– How a remodel can benefit your family and improve your quality of life
– Tips on budgeting for your project-long and short term
– Design trends-keeping up with the times
– Signs of quality of materials and services

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