What Should You Avoid Doing During a Remodel Project?

Everyone loves the finished product after a remodel, but it can certainly be stressful throughout the process. No one wants to make a mistake that will ruin the whole thing or cause it to go wildly over budget. Here are some things not to do if when you’re going through your next remodeling project.

Avoid Delays

Once you start a project, do not do anything to delay it. Make all your decisions before you start, so you know exactly what you’re going to do at all times. This means even small decisions should be made in advance.

Avoid Changing Your Mind

Once you’ve made all those decisions and gotten into the project, do not change your mind too much. Changes will add to your budget, but also a small change early on can end up affecting something down the road.

Avoid Buying Things Yourself

Sure, you might save some money doing this, but it is generally not a good idea. Your contractor can get a better price than you in most situations, and you may run the risk of buying the wrong things, which can cause delays.

Avoid Having Children and Pets Around

Contractors and their workers are very conscientious of kids and pets, and will work to keep them safe. However, it is best to keep them out of the equation altogether. An accident or injury can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is just not worth it.

Avoid Staying At Home During the Work

Find a place to stay, or rent another house as the work is being done. It will be inconvenient for you to be there, and it could cause delays if workers are waiting for you to leave for work.

Avoid Being a Distraction

Let the workers go about their business. They want to get their work finished before the end of the day, and you want the work completed as well. Talking to them while they’re working will cause delays, and also could distract them while they’re doing something dangerous.

Nobody wants a renovation project to go over budget, and they certainly do not want anyone getting hurt, or something getting damaged during the process. Hopefully with these tips your next project will go as smooth as possible.

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How to “Go Green” During Your Next Home Remodel Project

Everyone nowadays wants to “go green” and help keep the environment sustainable. The advice is to “think globally and act locally,” and there is nothing more local than our own homes. Here are some tips to be more eco-friendly when you remodel your home.

Water Waste

There are several ways your home can be more efficient with water. For one, a dual flush toilet will help reduce the amount of water used for flushing by having a more powerful flush and a softer flush, depending on what is in the bowl. You can also install low flow water fixtures.


Paint is a big part of any project, but it also can contain toxins that damage the environment and our health. Use a brand that is Low-VOC, meaning non-volatile and organic. It is more expensive paint, but the earth and your doctor will thank you.


There are a few flooring options that are better for the environment than others. Cork flooring is comfortable and durable, and also does not contain any toxic adhesives. It is a renewable resource as it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back to be harvested again. If you do not have to replace your floors, then you can always resurface and refinish them, which is just like having a brand new floor. Or, if you have wood underneath your current floor, you can remove the current floor in favor of the wood.


Carpet tiles are a great choice if you want the warmth and comfort of carpets but also want to be friendly to the earth. They are usually manufactured with recycled material, and offer a multitude of options. They clean well and are easily installed. If you do install carpet, then padding sometimes is not needed. That way you’ll save using materials as well as avoid the chemicals that are used to adhere the padding to the carpet and floor.

These are just a few of the many options available to make your home more green. When planning out your next home reno project, try to keep the earth in mind when you’re choosing the materials and pieces needed for your renovated home.

Crystal Kitchen + Bath has a LEED Certification through Minnesota Green Path. It is our objective to build with products and strategies that save energy, are sustainable, and result in a healthy home. Our designers will guide you through green product selections and work with you to obtain any level of certification requested. You can contact us online or by calling 763-544-5950.

Remodeling Options to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

When remodeling, repairing, or even building a home, it is important to design with the occupants’ needs in mind. This is especially true when it comes to senior citizens. There are certain things that can be difficult for a senior, but may seem easy to you. Here are some remodeling techniques that will help seniors be more independent and more comfortable at home.

Single-Lever Faucets

Faucets can be difficult to handle with arthritis or other muscle and joint issues. A single lever faucet can make it easier, but it must be clearly labeled for hot and cold so that anyone unfamiliar with the tape does not burn themselves.

Central Vacuum

Vacuuming itself can be difficult, and it is made even harder by having to lug the vacuum and accessories from location to location. This is not even mentioning emptying the container and keeping it maintained. A central vacuum system will make it easier to move the equipment, and the container only has to be emptied occasionally.

Extra Outlets

Having a lot of outlets available will make it much easier when it comes to holidays and other occasions that may involve plugging in extra things. With more options, it is less likely that furniture will have to be moved or that someone will have to contort themselves to plug something in.


Having an intercom system set up through the house will help with those who wish to talk to someone but may find it difficult navigating through the building. With an intercom, they can call to any room and find the person for which they are looking.

Bathrooms Near Entrances

There may be times when a senior has to rush into the house from outside to use the bathroom. For this reason, it would be handy to have bathrooms close to entrances so they will not have to navigate the house to get there.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Motion sensor faucets are great for people who have trouble with turning faucets, and may not react quickly if the water’s too hot. The water is dispensed at a pre-set temperature, so it will not be too hot, and it will turn on and off with ease.

These are just a few ideas to help seniors be more independent at home. Make sure to take into consideration any seniors when you plan your next remodeling project.

Are you interested in remodeling your home? At Crystal Kitchen + Bath, we do not cut corners. Every client receives the same superior craftsmanship and service. Experience and a focus on detail, paired with the strongest level of craftsmanship and customer service, puts us above the competition. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more.

2017 Kitchen and Bath Home Design Trends in the Twin Cities

We can hardly believe that 2016 is coming to an end! It has been a fantastic year here at CKB and we are excited for what 2017 might bring. The designers have been reflecting on the projects they have completed this year and each wanted to bring you the top 5 kitchen & bath trends they see emerging and staying for 2017.

Chelsey Forecasts these Interior Trends:

Mid-century Modern – “This trend has been emerging in 2016 and I think companies like West Elm and Room & Board keep it going strong. Geometric tiles, medium wood hues and vibrant pops of color accompany this trend.”

“Brushed gold, copper and rose-gold are just a few metallics that are increasingly gaining popularity. Brushed gold is a personal favorite as it adds so much warmth to a space.”

Quartz tops with subtle patterns, 2cm, some in matte finishes. “I’d say 90% of the tops we’ve done this year have been engineered quartz. It’s a low maintenance material and the majority of the designs are timeless.”

kornak-after-2“Though white has been going strong and will always be timeless, I think designers and clients want something different. This is why I see warm wood tones and creams on the radar. (Don’t worry; I don’t see Golden Oak making its way back!)”

Plants and pops of green – “Plants and greenery will continue to be incorporated into the home, especially with the Pantone color of the year representing nature.”

Carol Forecasts these Kitchen Trends:

Wood-look Porcelain tile – “The warm look of wood is always a popular choice in Minnesota. I’m seeing porcelain tile in wood patterns used in areas where real wood is not desirable such as baths and lower levels. It works especially well when installing heated floors. In bathrooms, it pairs beautifully with cream and white plumbing fixtures.”

Quiet Back splashes – “I’m seeing much simpler patterns in back splashes. I’m using a larger format tile (4 x 12 for example) in one color in either tile or stone. Occasionally the pattern will change behind the cook-top in a more traditional kitchen. More people want the splash to be a back drop not a focal point.”

henthorne-1Simple / Modern Style – “Mid-Century Modern is a strong trend that is influencing all design. Even in traditional rooms people want less ornamentation and cleaner lines. 10% of remodels used to be modern while 90% were traditional. Today I would say half of my projects lean to modern or have modern elements in them.”

“White kitchens will never go out of style. I’ve been hearing for a while now that all you see are white kitchens. For those who want something a little different, creamy white is a good choice. It also pairs beautifully with light toned woods.”

Gold accents – “This is not the bright brass of the 90’s. This gold is softer in matte and brushed finishes. I’m seeing more and more gold options in hardware and plumbing fixtures. And don’t feel everything has to match. It’s perfectly acceptable to have one or two accents in gold. It’s nice to see a little warmth added to the grey palette that has been so popular in recent years.”

Mary Forecasts these Bathroom Trends:

Hand-held shower heads make tasks including rinsing while showering and cleaning your shower much easier. These shower heads aren’t only great for showering children or the elderly, but they are wonderful for bathing your pets as well. A handheld shower head can be used as either a detachable shower head or a mounted shower head.”

Safety in the Bathroom – “Clients shouldn’t have to choose between safety and beauty when designing their bathroom. There are many new bathroom accessories that blend style and safety for peace of mind that doesn’t sacrifice design.”

lucius-bathroom-after-2“Benefits to adding a bench seat in a shower include a place to sit and relax while showering, a place to set toiletries and can be a safety feature if standing while showering is difficult.”

“More clients are interested in adding a steam shower for the health benefits. It cleans and moisturizes your skin, improves circulation, opens up sinuses for easier breathing and helps relieve stress.”

Radiant Floor Heating Systems – “These provide warmth that gently rises upwards from the floor, making it a very comfortable surface to walk on, especially on cold winter days.”

Barb Forecasts these Home Trends:

“Our clients lifestyle change drives many of our remodeling projects. An empty nest, retirement, caring for parent or two in their home are just a few. They want to either stay in their current home or downsize but not sacrifice quality and comfort.”

“We are more often incorporating pet accessories into our remodeling projects to simplify duties in caring for them. These include built-in kennels, pull out bins for food storage, dog dish drawers, and not to forget our beloved cats with a built in kitty litter cubby.”


Gray continues to be a strong neutral color in wood stains, paint color, metals, and accents.”

Two-tone finishes continue to be  popular, with most of them mixing wood grains with solid colors in either a paint or laminate for cabinetry. Bold with subtle patterns for counter-top materials.”

“Large 12” x 24” sized tile has a commanding presence in the bathrooms for floors and shower surrounds. Home owners are attracted to the simplicity of less grout lines.”

So there you have it – the trends we personally see for 2017! We hope to have inspired you for that remodel or new home that you’ve been dreaming of ! Happy Holidays from all of us at Crystal Kitchen + Bath! ❄

Basement Remodeler in Minneapolis

Using our 6-step remodeling process, our team of award-winning designers will make your design vision come to life on schedule and through the work of exceptionally gifted craftsmen. As an experienced basement remodeler, We will work with you to convert your unfinished lower level into an essential part of your residence.

Our remodeling services will significantly improve the enjoyment of life in a home, increase its worth, and enhance your livable space.

Popular basement remodel options

  • Child playroom
  • Exercise area
  • Guest bedroom
  • Home office
  • Laundry room
  • Living area
  • Man cave
  • TV or media room
  • Wet bar
  • Wine cellar

Benefits of a basement remodel

  • Resale. Basement remodeling can increase your resale value. Homes with finished lower levels have seen a 150% return on their investment.
  • Space. Because the floor plan can offer considerable space and the lighting possibilities are vast, your lower level has the potential to be a warm, inviting part of your home. A finished basement may even become your favorite room in the house.
  • Family. If you have a large extended family, home space can be an issue. A finished lower level provides an excellent addition to host your guests, especially when a pool table or entertainment systems included in the final design.
  • Flexibility. In most homes, the lower level is far less limited by a floor plan or color when compared to other rooms. If you have a design idea that does not match the character of your upper levels, your lower level is a great place to utilize your creativity.
  • Order. Unfinished rooms are often used for storage, but many lack options for improved organization. Finishing your lower level, adding closets, shelving, and other features can help you organize your belongings.
  • Comfort. Your lower level is naturally well-insulated. It can easily become the coolest part of a house during the summer or the warmest part during the winter.

Basement Remodeler Minneapolis

Crystal Kitchen + Bath is a basement remodeler providing superior luxury remodels. We utilize experienced professionals that abide by precise quality guidelines. Contact us online or call 763-544-5950 to speak with one of our experienced basement finishing / basement remodeling contractors.