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Essential Tips for an Amazing Minimalist Bathroom

Thank you Marie Kondo for letting us give thanks to our things, then do away with those things that aren’t giving us joy. The idea of minimalism can help you not only reduce clutter, but also the stress that comes along with having a messy space. Often times, this is the exact reason our clients come to us for a new bathroom remodel. When we begin a bathroom design we always request that our clients take inventory of what they have, what they need and the things that can either be hidden away or ousted all together. We talk about how they want the space to feel. In return, we are able to share a few tips, tricks and design essentials that can make their new space beautiful and joyful.

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One way to combat clutter is proper organization. Having a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Once your space is designed for your specific needs, it’s easy to ensure that you don’t spend time rifling through drawers because everything you use on a daily basis is at hand. To start this process, begin in your bathroom by removing all of those little items that you haven’t used in a long time and probably won’t need again. Keep only those things that you use on a regular basis. You will have more room on your countertops, in your drawers, and in your cabinetry to put things where they properly belong.


After you’ve removed everything that is non-essential, you should have open space on your countertop. Try to keep only a couple things there, if at all. Toothbrushes and hand soap are fine, but everything else should find a home in a drawer, pullout or closet. The countertop is for things that you will use at least once a day, and that’s it. Planning the proper material for your bathroom countertop is also essential, it will save time on cleaning and maintenance.


Designing your custom cabinetry to hold everything that you need in an accessible place is a must. Including accessories like metal cups to hold hot irons and pull outs for toiletries and hair accessories. These simple but essential design details will make all the difference in the morning.


Towels are a big cause of clutter in the bathroom. Try to keep only one towel per person at any time. A built in linen closet or tall cabinetry can be the perfect place to store fresh towels for guests or daily use. Perfectly placed hooks or heated towel bars are the perfect accessories to create organization (save water) and decrease clutter, that can make the space look dirty and overwhelming.

Designing your new space with a minimalist eye can help you not just reduce clutter, but the stress that comes along with having a messy space. Try some of these simple tips to keep your bathrooms looking clean and clear. If you are dreaming of a new space, our designers are experienced in, not only creating beautiful bathrooms, but also planning a space that will bring you new found joy.

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