Kitchen Island Design Considerations

A proper kitchen island perfectly balances function and design. Kitchen islands can serve multiple purposes. They enable adequate storage, provide countertop space for food preparation, and offer the ideal place to work, eat and-or socialize. When designing a kitchen island, it is recommended that you not only factor in your current needs; you should consider potential future lifestyle changes.

Kitchen islands are usually located in the center of the kitchen, acting as a central focal point. Most feature one side dedicated to cooking or clean up and another for eating or additional tasks. But many people like a large island with no appliances on for that big space to do many tasks.

Storage. There is never a shortage of storage ideas you could incorporate. Instead of the traditional drawers and cabinets, consider the installation of pull-out shelving that keeps the cabinets organized and accessible.

Appliances. If you plan to include appliances within your island, this will influence its general size and design. Adding particular appliances in your island can be a major benefit to the functionality of the room. A sink installed in your island, weather your main clean up sink or a bar sink, can aid in a second work triangle or help in clean up.

Lighting. Lighting is a critical design feature recess lights give you ambient and task lights, but pendant lights add some accents to your kitchen.

Work area. If you plan to use your kitchen island as a workspace, its size becomes an even more crucial factor. If it is undersized, you will simply not have enough room. If you are adding a sink and dishwasher or cooktop , make sure there is enough counter space on both sides.

Seating. Seating at your island is not necessary, but it can enhance the efficiency of your room. There is 3 heights found in a kitchen: 30″ height (lower than your counter top) is table height and use regular chairs, this you need a minimum of 18″ deep. 36″ ht is counter height and you can use counter stools and the overhang doesn’t need to be more that 10″. 42″ height, you will need bar stools and should be a minimum of 18″ deep as well. A 42″ ht counter resolves many issues like a good stand/resting area, keeps guest out of the work triangle and also block the view of a messy counter beyond. 24″ wide is the minimum width per person at a snack bar.

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