2014 Star Tribune

March 9, 2014 Star Tribune: Barbara Bircher, CKD was featured with “A partial makeover gives a “boring” kitchen a fresh new look”.

The home owners wanted to improve their kitchen’s appearance and the functionality of the space. Like so many others, they felt it was lacking personality. Even after they had made some minor changes to their kitchen with new appliances and granite countertops, they still were not happy with the overall feel and function.

They sought professional expertise and came to Crystal Kitchen + Bath with a wish list for their kitchen. Barbara Bircher, CKD helped them design a new kitchen without undoing the previous changes they had made. Accentuating the vaulted ceilings with tall wall kitchen cabinets allowed them to have a display section for the art pieces they have collected through the years. Integrating drawers in place of doors in the base cabinets added the much needed accessibility for storing large & heavy items like pots and pans, bake-ware, cases of water and other beverages. Adding a double-tiered cutlery tray, spice drawer insert, knife block drawer, lazy susan, tray dividers and roll-out shelves were much needed accessories to maximize organization.

Lighting was also an important element. The existing track lighting created shadows in the different work stations, so under-cabinet task lighting was an essential improvement. Adding rope lighting on top of the wall cabinets enhanced the cedar vaulted ceiling. Puck lighting gave a nice spot light on the art displayed in the cabinets. With all the different lighting options available, the right mood atmosphere can be created with just a switch

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