Budget Friendly Kitchen

Plymouth, MN

Design Winner 2020 Local NKBA Awards

Design Problem

  1. Outdated dark oak cabinets
  2. No dishwasher
  3. Sink in corner, hard to have two people in kitchen at same time
  4. Wall separating living room and kitchen made room cramped, and not able to talk when cooking dinner

Clients requirements

  1. As much storage as possible
  2. With vaulted ceiling – go taller with cabinets
  3. Remove all walls that can, to open the space
  4. Brighten up

Problems solved

  1. Taking out the walls between the kitchen/living/dining room, opened the whole space with out adding any more square feet. One wall had to stay because it housed the plumbing vent.
  2. Using the same luxury vinyl wood floor planks in all three rooms continued to make the space uniformed
  3. Bright white cabinets with Corian Quarts counter tops, white/glass/mother of pearl mini brick tile backslash added to the overall bright, cheerful space
  4. Every cabinet was thought out adding accessories to be the most convenient and use of space: tip out sink front, silverware drawer, double waste basket, blind corner swing outs, lazy susan, utensil drawer dividers, spice drawer, tray dividers and appliance garage. Even a 4” base filler that was to house the return air duct from the wall being removed had a door installed for storage of the owner’s ladder.
  5. The long wall was 1” short of being able to have a nice blind corner swing out. Solution was to take 1” out of the 2×4 studs from counter to floor and the whole plan worked.
  6. Homeowner wanted glass doors to display her blue dishes
  7. Sink was moved out of the corner and a dishwasher was added
  8. Under cabinet lights were added
  9. Dining room side: with wanting a Snack bar for 2, there was a space behind that faced a wall-too awkward for someone sitting there so we added a shallow base cabinet for extra storage
  10. End wall cabinet by the sink, 3 floating shelves were added to finish a 10” space, but also a spot to display the owner’s artwork
  11. Brushed gold hardware for cabinets, faucets and on the GE appliances

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