Color Infusion

Minneapolis, MN

2018 Crystal Grand Prize Winner

Infusing this once, drab 80’s kitchen with light and color was one goal in this extensive remodel. By removing the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen, the space doubled in size and allowed natural light to flood it.

Creating a design that filled the space yet remained very functional to the homeowner was extremely important. By implementing the two working triangles, one homeowner can be using the sink, cooktop and refrigerator while the other uses the secondary island for food prep as it has an additional sink.

A large soffit housing HVAC runs through the middle of the townhome and seemed intrusive to the space at first. After embracing it in the design, it’s as if it were meant to be. Three aluminum framed cabinets hang below, one directly underneath the soffit to create an asymmetrical design.

On a budget but still wanting a beautiful design, Crystal’s semi-custom line of cabinetry came into play. Simply White and Light Grey provide the perfect backdrop for natural maple, brushed gold hardware and accessories that infuse the space with color. Inside the cabinetry, the best storage solutions make for an extremely functional kitchen!

What a dream it is to have a kitchen that boasts quality, functionality and makes a person feel inspired within it.

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