Gray Stone Kitchen

Showroom displays are fun. While there is no client involved it becomes a challenge to be met by you and your co-designers.

Design Problems

  • Different floors need to work together
  • Display had to show the current trends
  • Needed to featuring multiple types of countertops
  • Display as many new/custom features as possible
  • Lowering the twelve-foot ceiling height
  • Fit into an unusually-shaped space

Design Solution

  • Tying multiple floors together using 6”x36” dark grey wood-looking tile, laid on a staggered patterned worked well with the tile and concrete floors next to it.
  • Two-toned cabinetry of wired brushed hickory with a grey stain wash, combined with maple wood in a dark slate finish is a current trend.
  • Counter tops: combination of splashy granite and white Caesarstone grounded the display. A custom-designed table of ash wood, with heavy distressing and grey washed stain added warmth.
  • Show custom features:
    • Arched glass door cabinets with crown moulding to match.
    • Unique Features: drawer in drawer for pot lids, pull out drawer in toe kick for dog dishes, toe space step stool, swing up mixer shelf, pull out spice storage.
    • Built in Banquette seating with table and docking station for family meals and working.
    • Custom open shelves and wine rack with detailed legs anchor the three sides of the island.
    • Backsplash rail with spice rack, knife and utensil holder add more storage space.
  • A floating soffit matches the shape of island and helps lower the showroom ceiling height to what would be found in a normal home. It includes: pendant lights for the snack bar, chandelier for the table and recess for task lights over the sink.
  • The large triangular shaped island has eleven foot legs. It fills the unusual space and creates three separate areas: a work space, snack bar/room divider and table area.

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