Reception Desk

2016 Crystal Cabinet Works Design Competition

1st Place NKBA Best use of Artisan Materials Award
2nd Place Crystal Choice Winner from Crystal Cabinet Works

Come visit Crystal Kitchen + Bath’s new home office display. The contemporary style is quite impressive with the Horizontal Grain door style of Narrow Bamboo with a carbonized finish. (The carbonized finish is achieved by steaming the bamboo which causes the sugars in the wood to caramelize, darkening the color.) Bamboo is also considered a green product with its ability of rapid renewal. The Crystal cabinetry also offers a multiple of accessories to create a well-organized space for a variety of home and professional activities, including file drawers, magnetic white board, and pencil drawers to name a few. The cabinetry is not the only stunning feature. A custom tile wall splash with locally handcrafted round clay tiles by Mercury Mosaics in a unique application compliments the Crystal cabinetry and Heritage wood Sapele desk top in a beautiful blending of color and texture.

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