Laundry Room

Showroom Laundry room won Current Choice Award with Crystal Cabinets


We wanted to showcase a fun multi-purpose room, combining a laundry room, pet supplies/bed and wrapping paper center.

Using Current frameless cabinets, we show as much of the product as possible in a small space:

  • Lazy susan
  • Stack of 4 drawers (each drawer being a different box and glide offered in the line)
  • Pull out ironing board
  • Stacked washer and dryer
  • Clothes rod for both hanging clothes and wrapping paper
  • Open shelves
  • Square corner wall
  • Pull out hamper baskets
  • Dog/cat bed
  • Tip up door
  • Open shelves with pull out hampers

We also wanted to combine cabinet materials with high gloss white laminate upper cabinets and Spokane lower cabinets. Keeping a budget in mind, plastic laminate counter tops with white wood-grain imprint and a top-mounted sink were used.

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