Lavendar Bath

Plymouth, MN

2016 NKBA Design Award

Design Inspiration

The homeowner wanted to convert this original 1976 main bathroom into her personal bathroom and update it to be inviting for guests as well. It was a cumbersome bathroom with little storage to keep things organized and accessible while out of sight. This bathroom was tired and depressing.

Design Challenge

  • Minimal counter space
  • Blue fixtures
  • Dark room with no daylight
  • Outdated dark oak cabinetry
  • Loud floral wallpaper

Client Design Requirements

  • More counter space
  • Storage for toothbrush, make-up and toiletries
  • Improved lighting
  • Tailored storage for her daily used items
  • Grab bars for independent living
  • Cheerful yet relaxing atmosphere

Design Solution

  • Omitted one sink to gain additional countertop space
  • Added shallow counter wall cabinetry to create storage for her make-up essentials and electric tooth brush with an outlet inside to keep it charged while out of site
  • Besides the general lighting combined with the vent, lighting was added for specific purposes:
    • 2 light sconces on the mirror for make-up application
    • 2 puck lights on a dimmer above the mirror for low light in the middle of the night or early morning hours when still sleepy
    • 1 recessed light over the tub for showering
  • A grooming station accessory was integrated into the vanity for her curling irons, hair dryer and hair brushes
  • A grab ring around the shower control valve along with a decorative horizontal grab bar at the end of the tub were added for safety and also to hang used towels
  • White cabinetry, a coastal grey quartz countertop, blended grey and white ceramic tile on the floors and shower walls accented by the lavender painted walls presented the cheerful greeting and relaxing atmosphere the owner desired

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