Bubble Bath

Minneapolis, MN

This is the main bath in a 1913 Linden Hills, 2-story home for a young family. The new owner wanted a separate shower from the tub, updated plumbing fixtures and color. A small linen closet in the corner of the bathroom and second stairway from kitchen was removed to provide space for a shower. Just outside the bathroom, a new linen closet was created by borrowing some space from the bedroom closet. White vanity cabinets and honed black granite were chosen to match the finishes in the kitchen. The dramatic change was the colored tile. Blue glass floor tile makes you feel like you are walking on water. A similar color of ceramic tile covers the walls. While a band of bubbles float around the room and settle in two niches. The final affect is youthful and colorful. The remodeled bath respects the vintage of the home and functions in the 21st century.

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