Modern Minimalist Fireplace

Eden Prairie, MN

Remodelers Showcase 2019

Design Winner 2019 Local NKBA Awards

2nd Place – Mary Maney, ASID, CKD, CLIPP

This split level home received a complete first floor makeover, which included a contemporary see-through fireplace that replaced a partial wall that divided the Living Room from the Kitchen/Dining Room. The homeowner’s had always wanted a fireplace, so plans to incorporate one began in the early design phases of the project. A modern, minimalistic style fireplace unit was selected that has multi colored LED lights and a “Safe Surface” glass that stays cool. A recessed TV is mounted above the fireplace and has a motorized canvas art screen that moves up & down to conceal the TV when not in use.

With the walls removed and the fireplace as the focal point, the vaulted ceilings accentuate the space nicely giving the illusion that the Living Room is more expansive than before. On one end of the fireplace is a recessed wall cabinet for storage. Housed inside this cabinet are the controls to turn the fireplace on/off and to change the colors of the rocks. Having the Safe Surface glass was a must for the homeowner’s furry friends.

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