2018 Spring Remodelers showcase

Bill needed room for his hobbies of music/recording, trains and mechanical toys, plus storage for all his collections. In addition, a sauna was to be added to this space’s activities. The existing room had concrete block walls with small basement windows, while plumbing and ducting pipes filled the open ceiling. A large window was added to give this room more light. Insulation was added, walls and ceiling were furred down to make this a room and not a basement. A sink was added in the water meter closet for hobby uses. Four large closets were added for storage, along with a 10-foot desk and 12-foot display/storage cabinet for trains. Because it is a basement room on the northwest corner of the house, we wanted to make sure the room was warm enough for use anytime of the year. So, extra heating including electric baseboard heaters and Dry-Core beneath the rubber floor material warmed up the place. Walls adjacent to and across from the sauna were covered in tongue-and-groove cedar to match the sauna walls. A small basement window was closed up and new siding added on the exterior, covering up exposed concrete blocks, made the house look finished. Again, lighting was very important and additions were made in several places, including trenching out the concrete floor for an outlet under the train table. Sound-proofing was added to walls and ceiling not only for recording use, but also to damp any sound to the master bedroom above, so the hobby room could be used day or night without bothering anyone else in the house.

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