We Now Have Two Certified Living in Place Professionals on Our Design Team

Congratulations to Jolynn and Mary for adding CLIPP to their titles!  

CLIPP™ in not just for those who are older or have disabilities, but for all homes.

This is a fundamental shift to a simpler, complete approach to making ALL homes more accessible, comfortable and safe.
The Living In Place Institute™ (LIPI™) was founded over 5 years ago to meet the education and market needs of industry professionals who participate in making all homes more accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone, regardless of their current needs of age.

Our mission, or how we plan to achieve the Vision, is to provide education and awareness about home designs and products that improve home accessibility, comfort and safety.

We can neither know or control who enters any home. Therefore, we must improve conditions in every home, regardless of the occupants current or future needs or age.  Therefore we focus on every home, practicing the principles of all encompassing design.

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